What does a Realtor do anyways?

What in the WoRlD does a Realtor do anyway?!?
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When people imagine the life of a realtor, they often imagine posting pretty home pictures online and waiting for it to sell or taking excited buyers home shopping. A lot of people think we just write a contract, twiddle our thumbs for the next 35 days and pick up our checks. Want to know what the life of a realtor is really like? Beyond writing contracts and haggling terms, we spend the next 30 to 45 days coordinating and problem solving.

Hi, I’m Sommar Clark with the Clark team at Keller Williams. And basically, I’m a fixer. Every house and every deal has issues to be dealt with. And, a good realtor will help you find solutions, so you can get to the closing table.

The first stage of a contract, the inspection period is all about problems. I study the inspection report, then help connect you with people instrumental in bidding and negotiating for the work.

Need a better rate on your mortgage loan? I can set you up with a choice of lenders. Then, my team and I coordinate with that lender and their appraiser, to meet your contractual deadlines.

Legal issues, title questions, land use conundrums, repairs, transaction details, and negotiations, whatever problem stand between you and a closing, a good realtor will try to solve.

Deals don’t close themselves, great realtors close deals. I’m Sommar Clark with the Clark Team at Keller Williams and we want you to love where you live.

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