Wellington Highlights: KickBack Neighborhood Tavern

Hi everyone. I’m Sommar Clark with Keller Williams, Wellington. I’m David Rosenthal with USA Mortgage. And today we’re here with Dan from Kickback Tavern in Wellington. This used to be, uh, Backstreets, correct? Yeah. And tell us about how it became Kickback and what you’re all about. It was Backstreets for about 25 years, in … Continued

Wellington’s Highlights: Gracie Elite

Fighters. Ready? Yeah! Hey everybody. Welcome back to another episode of Wellington’s Highlights. I’m Shayna Lurie with Keller Williams Wellington, I’m Sommar Clark with Keller Williams. I’m David Rosenthal with USA Mortgage. And we are here today at Gracie Elite with the owner Eric. So Eric, thanks for having us. Thanks for coming. Tell us … Continued

The Pros and Cons of Using Private Money to Buy a House in Wellington

Mortgage interest rates recently fell to near historic lows. But lending requirements have also become a lot stricter. And that means many people who want to buy a house are unable to get a conventional mortgage from traditional lenders. There is, however, another option, and that is private money, also known as a private mortgage … Continued

FHA Loan vs. Conventional Loans: A Guide for Home Buyers in Wellington

The two most popular mortgage loan options are FHA loans and conventional loans. The basic difference between the two is that an FHA loan is insured by the Federal Housing Administration, and a conventional mortgage isn’t. Each has its own set of pros and cons, as well as different qualification requirements. So how do you … Continued

How to Find the Best Deals on Real Estate in Wellington

Whether you’re an investor or buying a home as a primary residence, finding a deal isn’t as easy as it was just a few short years ago. During the real estate downturn of 2009 to 2012, finding great deals was pretty easy: you just had to take a look at the MLS, make an offer, … Continued